• Equity in the Search Process

    As search consultants working with organizations at important moments of leadership transition, we have learned that all searches require deliberate intention to prioritize equitable hiring practices and mitigate bias. We recognize that as search facilitators we have tremendous power to influence hiring decisions, and as a result, it is our responsibility and our honor to work with our clients to center equity in every search. As a firm and individually, we will always be works-in-progress, and we commit to self- and group-reflection and examination of our biases in order to promote equity in the search process. We expect the same commitment of our clients.

    Intentionally center equity

    Bias can enter the search at nearly every juncture. Here are some of the current strategies that we consistently use to be as equitable and inclusive in the search process as we can be.

    Learn from others

    We continually seek resources to learn from different perspectives. This list - by no means comprehensive either of what’s available or of what there is to say - includes articles that we have found useful and thought-provoking.

    Challenge ourselves

    With any learning process, there will be hard questions that must be addressed, even if they can make us uncomfortable or don’t have easy answers. Here are a few of questions we are currently grappling with.

    Hold ourselves accountable

    We are guided by an internal equity work plan that we designed as a tool to hold us accountable to our values. We regularly dedicate staff time to reflect on our work, bring new learnings to the team, and check-in on progress towards our work plan goals.