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    We tailor our search strategies and level of involvement in the search process based upon your needs, priorities, values, capacity, and budget. Sometimes we are actively engaged in and facilitating each stage of the search process, while at other times, we play more of an advisory role. Usually there is a hybrid of these two approaches.


    We support CEO and Executive Director searches, shared leadership searches, and searches for other senior leadership positions such as Development Director, Program Director, and Communications Director.  


    Over our 80+ search partnerships, we have learned to listen well, establish trust early, communicate often, share our instincts, challenge our assumptions, be prepared for the unexpected, and treat every candidate with the respect they deserve.

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    Executive Search Facilitation

    We facilitate comprehensive searches that can include leadership needs assessments, salary surveys, search committee facilitation, candidate cultivation and screening, interviewing preparation, project management, and back-end support.

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    Advice and Counsel

    We offer consultation on a wide variety of leadership transition topics, including executive search, succession planning, candidate recruitment and cultivation strategies, transition communications, shared leadership models, interim placements, and offboarding/onboarding preparation.

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    Trainings and Workshops

    Whether you are exploring different models of leadership, looking to mitigate bias in search, or seeking to understand the strategies and stages that are part of a robust search, we offer customized trainings and workshops that help you achieve your leadership transition goals.

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    Client Testimonial

    Jane Park, Search Committee Chair, Washington State Opportunity Scholarship; CEO and Founder, Tokki

    "Clover is unique in their insightful guidance throughout every step of the candidate recruitment and selection process. Their thoughtfulness helped us to recruit stronger candidates, but equally as important, their process helped our candidates themselves to learn and grow. I’ve worked with several of the top global search firms in the corporate space, and none can compete with Clover for being comprehensively stellar across all elements of strategy and execution. They became true co-adventurers and I am certain that there are lessons that I’ve learned from this experience that will make me a better leader in the future. Most critically, the search they lead yielded very strong finalists, and ultimately led to a decision that will have a tremendous positive impact on WSOS during our next phase of growth."

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    Client Testimonial

    Daniel Zavala, Executive Director, Building Changes

    "We worked with Clover to hire a Founding Director of a start-up organization with a non-traditional board, which presented unique challenges and opportunities. Their flexibility and creativity helped ensure the search was tailored to meet the community needs and to hold up the voices of those most impacted by our work. Throughout a complex and multi-step search, they maintained their support of our team, and importantly of the candidates in the search, guiding us all to the best possible outcome."