• To our community:


    Clover is keeping a close eye on the developing coronavirus situation in Washington and across the world. What we feel most right now is a deep concern for the people and families in our community who are already so vulnerable - what this situation means and does to them. That is scary. Many of our clients right now work with vulnerable and marginalized communities. Their work is critical to the health, wellbeing, and opportunity for many people - especially children. Leadership transition at an organization is difficult under the best of circumstances, and even more difficult at a time like this.


    Over the next few weeks, we plan to conduct meetings and interviews virtually, and have assured candidates this will not have a negative impact on their candidacy. We will keep taking things one day at a time - moving forward where we can, supporting and pausing where we need to. We encourage each of you to reflect on the organizations making an impact in your community, and consider financially or otherwise supporting them at this time. We can all weather the storm if we do it together.


    If you are a candidate or are looking at one of our current openings and have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


    Take care of yourselves,
    The Clover Team

    Clover Search Works provides a full range of search and leadership transition services for nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes

    Client Testimonial

    Brenda Leaks, Head of School, Seattle Girls’ School

    "I was blown away by our partnership with Clover Search Works! They took the time to understand what our school's about - our values and our vision. Their focus on finding strong candidates that were not only qualified, but also fit with our school culture and community led to the most amazing hire. They really have

    something special going on!”


    Phone: (206) 355-9132