• Clover Search Works provides a full range of search and leadership transition services for nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes

    Clover stands firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement and believes that we have a role to play in dismantling the systemic oppression Black communities face. Read more here about how we are thinking and learning about racial equity and systemic oppression of marginalized communities in the search process.


    With regard to COVID-19 and the uncertainty around shifting physical distancing guidelines within our region and across the country, the Clover team is committed to staying flexible and adaptive. We have learned a lot over the past few months from our most recent searches, all of which ended virtually, and we are confident in our ability to run an effective virtual search when necessary. Please reach out if you would like more information about how we have previously facilitated virtual searches.

    Client Testimonial

    Molly Hancock, Interim Executive Director, Jubilee Women's Center

    The team at Clover brought wonderful insight to our Executive Director search. They have deep understanding of non-profit leadership and were thorough, well organized, and effective throughout the search process- from helping us identify what we were looking for in candidates all the way through the onboarding process. They are superb relationship builders and community connectors, creating an inclusive atmosphere that brought the best candidates to our search. Thanks to Clover, JWC is set up for success for years to come.

    Client Testimonial

    Brenda Leaks, Head of School, Seattle Girls’ School

    "I was blown away by our partnership with Clover Search Works! They took the time to understand what our school's about - our values and our vision. Their focus on finding strong candidates that were not only qualified, but also fit with our school culture and community led to the most amazing hire. They really have

    something special going on!”


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