• Our Ongoing Questions

    Here are some of the questions that have come up for us in recent searches that we are currently reflecting on and discussing as a team as we think about how to move our work forward.

    • How do we balance our role as neutral search facilitators and our commitment to advocating for BIPOC candidates when we are working with search committees?

    • What should we expect of the organizations and the search committees we partner with when it comes to racial equity and inclusion? In what specific ways should we require organizations to use strategies that center equity in the search process, versus merely recommending them?

    • How can we support BIPOC candidates’ success in organizations that we are not certain understand how to fully support a BIPOC leader, if those leaders are still interested in working in those organizations?

    • What are some ways we can authentically share job opportunities with BIPOC candidates or communities we do not know yet, without taking advantage of BIPOC friends in those communities by continually asking for ideas and introductions?

    • How can we creatively and humbly partner with other consultants or staff who have a firsthand understanding of a particular community or organization, but may not have experience in search work, so we can work together for the best possible outcomes?