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     Clover Search Works provides a full range of search and leadership transition services for nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes


    Each nonprofit starts the executive transition process at a different place. We work with you to make a plan to fit your skills and budget, so you aren't paying for work you don’t need. We conduct CEO and Executive Director searches as well as searches for other leadership positions such as Development Director, Program Director, and Operations Director.

    Executive Search Support

    We facilitate searches that recognize that each nonprofit starts at a different place and has a unique set of goals and expectations. At the beginning, we help you determine the best process that will lead to the right leader in the job, and then customize how we support you based on your needs. Learn more about what goes into a typical search.

    Leadership Transition Support

    We offer consultation on succession planning, transition communications, interim placements, and offboarding/onboarding preparation and

    Nonprofit Executive Search
    Keys to Success Workshop

    From the strategies and stages that are part of a robust search to the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them, this workshop helps you navigate an executive search that aligns with your values and goals. Learn more about this workshop.

  • Client Testimonial

    Jane Park, Search Committee Chair, Washington State Opportunity Scholarship; CEO and Founder, Tokki

    "Clover is unique in their insightful guidance throughout every step of the candidate recruitment and selection process. Their thoughtfulness helped us to recruit stronger candidates, but equally as important, their process helped our candidates themselves to learn and grow. I’ve worked with several of the top global search firms in the corporate space, and none can compete with Clover for being comprehensively stellar across all elements of strategy and execution. They became true co-adventurers and I am certain that there are lessons that I’ve learned from this experience that will make me a better leader in the future. Most critically, the search they lead yielded very strong finalists, and ultimately led to a decision that will have a tremendous positive impact on WSOS during our next phase of growth."

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