• Our Approach

    We believe there is a significant return on investment to conducting a thoughtful search that results in placing the right leader in the job and positions an organization for success

    Client Testimonial

    Jane Park, Search Committee Chair, Washington State Opportunity Scholarship; CEO and Founder, Tokki

    Clover is unique in their insightful guidance throughout every step of the candidate recruitment and selection process. Their thoughtfulness helped us to recruit stronger candidates, but equally as important, their process helped our candidates themselves to learn and grow. I’ve worked with several of the top global search firms in the corporate space, and none can compete with Clover for being comprehensively stellar across all elements of strategy and execution. They became true co-adventurers and I am certain that there are lessons that I’ve learned from this experience that will make me a better leader in the future. Most critically, the search they lead yielded very strong finalists, and ultimately led to a decision that will have a tremendous positive impact on WSOS during our next phase of growth.

    We founded Clover Search Works because a leadership transition is a critical moment in the life of a nonprofit – presenting risks and challenges as well as exciting opportunities for an organization’s future. Whether it’s planned or unplanned, the process requires a comprehensive and well-executed strategy and highly responsive and timely facilitation and project management.


    Our mission and commitment is to provide comprehensive executive search and transition services that leverage our knowledge and networks and respect the importance of fit with the culture and values of the organizations we serve. We have been honored to work with both small and larger organizations that have vital missions and bold visions.

    We Believe...


    A great search starts with clarification of your leadership needs

    We help teams take a careful look at their current and future needs and build out an ideal candidate profile based on skills and qualities that are aligned with the culture and values of the organization.


    A broad and diverse candidate pool doesn’t build itself

    Proactive candidate sourcing takes personalized outreach through one-on-one meetings and phone calls that encourage candidate referrals and applications.


    Equitable and inclusive hiring require deliberateness and intention throughout the entire process

    We work hard to create equitable processes that welcome and honor candidates from all backgrounds in every search. This includes many proactive steps such as taking care to create job announcements that speak to a breadth of life experiences and skills beyond traditional credentials, crafting interview questions that encourage candidates to highlight their DEI experience, and challenging ourselves and our clients to think carefully about how bias may be impacting decision-making.


    An executive search provides an opportunity to increase community engagement

    An excellent search generates enthusiasm for the organization and its mission – across the board, staff, key institutional partners, donors and the wider community.


    A successful leadership transition takes time and attention to detail

    Only one person will end up with the job, but it is our goal that everyone involved in the search – those making referrals and every candidate who applies – comes away feeling positively about the professionalism and integrity of the organization.




    Client Testimonial

    Jorge L. Barón, Executive Director,

    Northwest Immigration Rights Project


    "The Clover Search Works team helped refine our goals and identify the skills we needed to be looking for in candidates. They brought creative energy and shifted how we approached the hiring process. Through their thorough and careful recruitment, Clover helped us uncover potential candidates we wouldn't have otherwise met."

    Client Testimonial

    Erin Galvin, Interim Board Chair, Perinatal Support Washington

    Clover made the search process easier - and more successful - than I thought possible. Logistically, they were organized and clear throughout every step of the process, making it easy to know what we needed from me as a Search Committee member. They coached us through figuring out what we were looking for in our next leader, which led to a strong candidate pool of people who really 'got' our organization. From a personal perspective, the team is a group of strong, confident, bright women who really understand the nonprofit world. They bring a candor and understanding to this work that is hard to find.